Oversized Personalized Resort Tote - Pool Tote - Hamper

Have you seen our  oversized personalized resort tote, pool tote, hamper, carry all ? Call it whatever you want, it's my new best friend!
The inside is made of neoprene so it stands up on it's own and retains it's shape even after it's been folded. The outside is covered in canvas making the bag very sturdy, not to mention pretty!

We took 2 car loads of kids to the beach this week and I carried ALL of their towels, plus a few extras in one bag.  We fit 11 towels in there with room to spare. This bag is AMAZING. When our trip was over I loaded all the sandy wet towels back into the bag and dropped it off in the laundry room. It makes a great hamper too! No searching through everyone's bag trying to find all the dirty towels. They were all in one place.
The three personalized oversized pool totes above were recently given as graduation gifts to girls who are heading off to college soon, so they will most likely be using them as hampers for their dorm room.

Whatever you use it for, you just can't go wrong with this bag. Click the link you want more information about our personalized resort - pool - hamper - tote (whatever you want to call it!)
Happy Summer!

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