Charm Cluster Necklaces

Cluster necklaces are a hot trend. You start with a chain, add various charms and dangles that you like or have special meaning and you have yourself a cluster necklace. The charms and dangles all hang together in a cluster making each necklace look very unique. You can add new charms or change up your "cluster" anytime you want. We've put together a page that takes you though the process of creating a Charm Cluster Necklace

You can go hog wild or start with one or two pieces. The best part is that you can add to this over time. We offer sterling silver charms, hand stamped personalized charms, crystal and gemstone dangles, fine silver charms and more. All of these can be added to your necklace. It makes a great gift for girls of any age. Each necklace is as unique as the girl who wears it!

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