Monogrammed Scarves in JUNE? What's new...

What's new? Believe it or not, we just received a shipment of new cashmere feel scarves. Yes, we know it's June, but our monogrammed scarves are a best seller year round. Give the people what they want right?

So lets get to a few of the new arrivals that we're really excited about! (not that we don't love our monogrammed scarves, but it's JUNE! We're thinking beach, pool, lake, vacation!)

The good news is that these are great summer, where ever you might be heading.

First up the new personalized jute city totes

It's available in two colors and of course you can personalize these jute totes any which way you want. It has a coated interior that allows for easy clean up. Take it to the beach and it's dressy enough to use for dinner out. Very versatile! A must have for your vacation.
Next we have the oversized pool - beach - resort tote (we can't decide what to call it). It also works well as a personalized hamper bag. It has a canvas exterior with a neoprene lining which allows this giant tote to retain it's shape and stand up on it's own. Perfect for the dorm and the resort, you pick. We're in love with this one.

 It's available in 3 patterns - here we have the black and white damask oversized pool tote
And here we have the floral pattern over sized pool tote

If you are looking for something smaller than the over sized tote, this large personalized tote might be just the thing for you. It's also called a  tailgating tote  and it has a canvas exterior with a coated lining. This makes clean up super easy. Great for the beach, pool, lake, boat, tailgating, and more.

Available in the stripe pattern (above) and the ever popular black & white damask (below).

Below we have the personalized camp duffle, but it's more than that, it's a great bag for the water park, swim club, beach or really anywhere you go that you have to change. Notice the hanging loop at the top which makes this perfect for the gym, locker room or changing room. We could have definitely used this in the dressing room at the water park last summer as our bag was sitting in a puddle of water and dirt while we were all changing out of our wet bathing suits. Hang this baby up and it's perfect for the dorm too. The coated lining makes clean up easy and it  keeps wet towels & bathing suits from leaking through the bag. It's available in 4 colors.

Last but not least, something for the boys who are heading off to college. This monogrammed canvas laundry bag is just what every college bound guy needs. It's the perfect graduation gift for that guy who is hard to buy for.

Click on the link if you want to see more of what's new at Pretty Personal GiftsHappy shopping & happy summer!

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