Scarf Season Already?

It was sunny and 78 degrees here today in upstate NY. How did you spend your day? I spent my day monogramming winter scarves. You wouldn't believe how many monogrammed scarves people have ordered in the last few weeks. How many you ask? Well I don't know exactly, but I can tell you that we completely sold out of our inventory. Good thing a new shipment arrived today! My favorite new color is turquoise. It's gorgeous.

We now offer monogrammed scarves in 18 colors. Some of our customers told us they are ordering now for Christmas! (In September?) Yes, Christmas. We sold out of some colors last year and apparently they want to get while the getting is good. Too early? I guess it's never too early to stash away that perfect gift for someone special. The price is right at only $19.50. Easy on the budget.

It's hard to enjoy these last few days of summer while I'm monogramming scarves but I'm not complaining! It's time to say good bye to the pool and get ready for Fall, but don't worry, we won't be putting up the Christmas tree just yet...some things can wait!

If you are interested in seeing a monogrammed scarf and other personalized gifts visit our website Pretty Personal Gifts